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Violet Egypt

Violet is an IT company established in Cairo, Egypt.We are a group of professionals that carry master degrees and PhD degrees in different branches of engineering. Our goals are to transfer the intelligent waves of science, knowledge and information to individuals and groups.We are delivering hi-tech transactional services, consulting and technological services, systems integration

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3D Violet

3D violet is a promising starting company that aims to make changes in 3D modeling field that we balance between the quality of real life models, timing of the implementation and competitive prices to suit all kind of customers.

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Antennas & Microwave System

Violet provides complete customized smart solutions to different antennas and microwave circuits problems in wireless communications and biomedical applications. These include, design, simulation, optimization, fabrication, measurements, development and consultations. This also includes microstrip antennas, arrays and microwave circuits and applications up to 100GHz.We are professionals in fully utilizing different full-wave antennas and microwave design programs .


Make sure that your message is heard

reach your targeted audience like never before using our services to develope your own application

we can create your own application whatever Desktop application , Mobile Application Just request and you will find the solution from us immediately


Easy Way To Create Website

Now we can create your website within 1 week whatever portal website , personal website , store , etc ....

just you need to describe to us your business and let us create your website just take rest and you will find your website online !

System Integrations

To help customers maximizing their business values, Violet provides customized complete solutions including hardware and software in different branches of engineering.These include computer applications, communication systems, wireless systems, biomedical systems, control systems, hydraulic systems, and mechanical systems.

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